Whether it be across a single or large housing stock, in a one-floor or multi-floor property - damage caused by water leakages can be extremely costly. Surestop provides those who are specifying product or developing homes, with a modern and effective solution which potentially could save them a lot of money - allowing for quick identification and immediate action.

Homes are one of our most important possessions and typically our biggest investment. Whether you are a resident or landlord, Surestop Stopcocks provide peace of mind that fast and instant action can be taken at the first sign of a leak.

Our Surestop Stopcock is patented and all products are 100% tested in our UK operational facility; ensuring the highest expectation of quality performance is met.

Why homes should be protected According to leading insurer Direct Line, the average household cost for damage caused by a burst water pipe is £7000, with the smallest of leaks quickly becoming an expensive issue to rectify. If you own or manage more than one house that experiences a leak, these costs could significantly mount up.

Surestop Stopcock with Remote Switch Benefits

• Instant and remote switch, for even simpler accessibility 
• Can easily replace existing brass stopcocks 
• WRAS approved as a stopcock (no 1011009)
• 15mm and 22mm options for installation with plastic or copper pipe 
• Cold water supply max 23°C at 10 bar 
• Limescale resistant 
• Includes tubing options, to locate the remote switch up to 2m or 6m away* 
• Available with either push-fit fittings for simpler installation of pipe, or traditional compression 
• Two year warranty


If you would like more information about the variety of Surestop Stopcocks we install, along with the great ability of a monitoring system that can be accessed via an app on you smart phone, then please get in touch, where we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you.


We are pleased to announce that Rods Away are official Platinum Installers for all SureStop parts.

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