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We are here to help with many plumbing and drain problems, here are but a few:

  • Blockage with your toilet
  • Blockage with your household sinks
  • Drain pipe blockages
  • Sewer drain blockages
  • Blocked Drain
  • New bathroom installs
  • Sink replacements / installs
  • Bath replacements / installs
  • shower replacements / installs
  • Radiator fixes,
  • replacements or installs






What is a power flush?


Benefits of having a power flush done:

- Increased efficiency
- System reliability
- Increased system life
- Leaks and leak damage
- Savings 

The only real way to know, is to get a consultant visit or post us a water sample for testing.

One problem you will find is a build up of sludge in your radiator as shown on the mage on the left, which in turn will stop the water from flowing around the radiator in the way it should in order to heat up the whole radiator.  


Magnetic Sludge

You might not be aware that the sludge within your heating system is also known as magnetic sludge, which is what creates the blockages and cold spots within your heating. This can be cured by having your system power flushed by our power flushing system and then treated with an additive after to help slow down/prevent further problems.




Power flushing removes all the sludge from a system 
Power flushing removes a large percentage of sludge / rust, but not all of it. It is not possible to remove all the      sludge from a system especially older systems.



If you would like a quote on our power flushing services please CLICK HERE and fill in our simple online form where we aim to get back to you within a few hours. or you can call us on our number on our home page.

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